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I was raised in the San Fernando Valley, near Studio City. My father was in the film industry. Growing up, there were fields of blooming orange groves everywhere.  My best childhood memories were when I got to visit my dad on the set of Beverly Hillbillies and driving through the lush orange groves. Oh, the fragrance of those orange blossoms and those ripe oranges!

I think that attending a meeting or an audition with the aroma of Neroli is a bright idea. Orange groves are one of my favorite places to walk in and breathe the fresh scent. Neroli is the flower that blooms before the orange grows. I love Neroli.  


Audition blends 100% natural essential oils of

  • Vetiver: Sweet, woody, smooth aroma
  • Neroli: Fresh clean citrus aroma   
  • Spikenard: Woody, spicy 
  • Cedarwood: Woody's earthy aroma 

Details: 10mL/.30 oz

How to Use:

Apply on wrist, neck or chest.

    Our oils are all GC/MS tested to insure they are pure and unadulterated.