In 1981, I began my journey with essential oils.    
As a cosmetologist, I worked in the film industry doing hair and makeup.
The movies I have had the privilege of working on were,
Dances With Wolves, Sneakers,
Drop Dead Fred, and many others.
I was born in Southern California where I grew up surrounded by
 miles of beautiful orange groves. It felt like a hug.
I absolutely love the fresh aroma of
citrus. Citrus feels like home.
The beauty industry has changed a lot since 81'. We are more aware of what we are putting on our bodies. More environmentally conscious now
No Synthetic
Plant Based
Natural Scents
 Handcrafted beauty blends in
Small Batches

We need to take care of ourselves emotionally, our physical body (skin) and spiritually.

We are all on a path that is constantly changing us, and
change can be extremely difficult, especially alone.
I have created these fragrant essential oil blends to celebrate life and enjoy the natural fragrance of plants from our world..
I want to continue and evolve and grow on my journey of true beauty and share that with you.
I only use trusted companies for my essential oils.
I use pure and natural essential oils (with no synthetics added).
 I have GC/MS reports on all my oils.  
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Love, Tamara